تبلیغات در اینترنت
غذاها در هیرو
🅾دستورهای اشپزی hero🅾
Strawberry Jam (160G)
Ingredients: Strawberry x3.
Cranberry Jam (100G)
Ingredients: Cranberry x3.
Blueberry Jam (100G)
Ingredients:Blueberry x3.

Veryberry Jam (140G)
Ingredients: Veryberry x3.

Mixed Jam (110G)
Ingredients: Veryberry, Bluerberry, Cranberry.

Orange Marmalede (130G)
Ingredients:Orange x3.

Apple Jam (120G)
Ingredients: Apple x3.

Cheese (500G)
Ingredients: Milk Sx3 or Milk Mx2 or Milk Lx1.

Cheese Risotto (600G)
Ingredients: Rice, Olive Oil, Cheese.

Hot Milk (180G)
Ingredients: Milk S.
Yogurt (350G)
Ingredients: Milk Sx2 or Milk Mx1

Fine Cheese (600G)
Ingredients: Milk G.

Onion Soup (100G)
Ingredients: Onion

Gazpacho (200G)
Ingredients: Tomato, Onion, Olive Oil.
Note: Gazpacho is spanish tomato-based raw vegetable soup.

Cream of Mushroom Soup (250G)
Ingredients: Mushroom (any type), Milk (any size)

Mushroom and Rice (330G)
Ingredients: Mushroom (any type), Rice
Carrot Soup (230G)
Ingredients: Carrot, Milk (any size)

Chestnut and Rice (220G)
Ingredients: Rice,  Chestnut.

Cream of Corn Soup (190G)
Ingredients: Corn, Milk(any size).

Tomato Cream Soup (180G)
Ingredients: Tomato, Milk (any size)

Porridge (210G)
Ingredients: Potato, Milk (any size).

Stew (300G)
Ingredients: Milk(any size),Butter.

Croquette (250G)
Ingredients: Potato, Olive Oil, Breadfruit.

Buttered Potato (260G)
Ingredients: Potato, Butter.

Tomato Risotto (280G)
Ingredients: Tomato, Rice, Olive Oil.
Pumpkin Soup (240G)
Ingredients: Pumpkin, Milk(any size).

Steamed Gold Potato (210G)
Ingredients: Gold Potato

Spinach Risotto (310G)
Ingredients: Rice,Spinach, Olive Oil.

French Fries (360G)
Ingredients: Potato, Olive Oil.

Mashed Potato (90G)
Ingredients: Potato.

Minestrone (200G)
Ingredients: Tomato, Onion.
Note: Minestrone soup is an Italian dish.

Boiled Corn (80G)
Ingredients: Corn.

Egg Custard (290G)
Ingredients: Mushroom, Fullmoon berry,Egg
Monkfish Stwe (310G)
Ingredients:Angler, Carrot/Potato/Corn/Pumpkin/Tomato/Spinach.

Fried Squid (180G)
Ingredients: Squid, Breadfruit.

Squid Rice (220G)
Ingredients: Squid, Rice.

Chicken Grunt Vinegar (330G)
Ingredients: Chicken Grunt (fish), Miso, Herb.

Fried Hunchen (350G)
Ingredients: Hunchen, Breadfruit , Olive Oil.

Marinated Sardines (290G)
Ingredients: Sardine, Olive Oil.
Pickled Char (200G)
Ingredients: Char, Rice.

Porgy and Rice (270G)
Ingredients: Porgy, Rice.
Fried Shrimp (330G)
Ingredients: Prawn, Breadfruit, Olive Oil.

Canh Chua (280G)
Ingredients: Blotched Snakehead,Tomato, G.Herb
Note: Apparently this is Vietnam Dish  >_< something like clear fish soup.

Fried Leatherfish (200G)
Ingredients: Leatherfish, Breadfruit.
Grouper Stew (340G)
Ingredients: Kelp Bass, Potato, Vegetable, Carrot (pick one vegetable)

Clam Chowder (280G)
Ingredients: Clam,Milk (any size).

Marinated Salmon (280G)
Ingredients: Salmon, Olive Oil.

Salmon Cream Stew (330G)
Ingredients: Milk (any size), Butter, Salmon.
Miso Mackerel  (280G)
Ingredients: Miso, Mackerel.

Spanish Mackerel (360G)
Ingredients: Mackerel, Spinach, Prawn
Pike Rice (?)
Ingredients: Pike(fish) , Rice.

Seafood Stew (350G)
Ingredients: Milk(any size), butter, Fish (any type)

Seafood Risotto (360G)
Ingredients: Rice, Olive Oil, Fish (any type)

Marinated Octopus (360G)
Ingredients: Ocotpus, Olive Oil

Cod Soup (340G)
Ingredients: Cod, Miso, Carrot.
Dark Sleper Stew (320G) <Donko Fish Stew>
Ingredients: Vegetable, Miso, Dark Sleeper Fish.
Note: Apparently Donko is Japanese water fish, I tried to google it but cant
find the english name for it.

Marinated Herring (270G)
Ingredients: Herring, Olive Oil.

Tiger Globefish Stew (340G)
Ingredients: Globefish, Vegetable(any type)

Stewed Masu Salmon (240G)
Ingredients: Salmon, Honey.
Boiled Octopus (90G)
Ingredients: Octopus

Boiled Egg (80G)
Ingredients: Egg

🅾 کپی بدون ذکر دقیق اسم کانال و سایت حرام است🅾

Boiled Lobster (140G)
Ingredients: Lobster.
Marinated Smelt (230G)
Ingredients: Smelt(fish), Olive Oil

Fried Smelt (180G)
Ingredients: Smelt(fish), Onion.

Stewed Fish (120G)
Ingredients:Salmon/Rainbow Trout.

Triangle Soup (240G) <Sanpei Soup>
Ingredients: Salmon, Vegetable (any type like spinach)
* Sanpei Soup is a fish soup from Hokkaido

Loach Stew (260G)
Ingredients: Loach(Fish), Egg.

Bouillabaisse (240G)
Ingredients: Tomato, Fish (any type)
Note: Apparently this is a name of one mediteranian soup


4.2. Frying Pan                                              [C-R-Pan]
Sandwich (400G)
Ingredients: Bread, Cheese, Boiled Egg, Tomato.

Jam Sandwich (300G)
Ingredients: Bread(bought from the shop), Jam (any jam except mixed jam)

Baked Apple (60G)
Ingredients: Apple

Assorted Platter (480G)
Ingredients: Cheesex3

Tomato Salad (340G)
Ingredients: Tomatox3.
Pancake (240G)
Ingredients: Breadfriot, Milk(any size), Egg.

Load Omellet (300G)
Ingredients: Egg, Mushroom, Nut, Vegetable (pick any)

Cheese Omellete (400G)
Ingredients: Cheese, Egg.

Fruit Omellete (290G)
Ingredients: Egg, Fruit (Apple/Orange/Grape)

Plain Omellete (250G)
Ingredients: Egg, Milk(any size).

Fried Egg (80G)
Ingredients: Egg.

French Toast (350G)
Ingredients: Bread, Egg, Milk(any size).
Omellet Rice (280G)
Ingredients: Egg, Rice, Tomato.

Fried Rice (250G)
Ingredients: Rice, Egg.

Sauteed Mushrooms (350G)
Ingredients: Mushroom(any type), Butter.

Fried Mushroom (80G)
Ingredients:Mushroom (any type)

Gourmet Mushroom Saute (400G)
Ingredients: Mushroom x2, Butter.

Sauteed Spinach (280G)
Ingredients: Spinach, Butter.

Buttered Corn (220G)
Ingredients: Corn, Butter.

Popcorn (240G)
Ingredients: Corn, Olive Oil.

Roasted Corn (80G)
Ingredients: Corn.
Fish Meal (300G)
Ingredients: Fish (any type),Vegetable(any type) or Mushroom or Nut or Herb.

Broiled Eel (130G)
Ingredients: Eel.

Pillaf (250G)
Ingredients: Rice, Butter.

Seafood Pillaf (410G)
Ingredients: Seafood, Butter, Rice.

Shrimp Pillaf (390G)
Ingredients: Shrimp, Rice, Butter.

Grilled Chub (60G)
Ingredients: Chub fish.

Teriyaki Swordfish (180G)
Ingredients: Swordfish

Butter-Fried Salmon (280G)
Ingredients: Salmon, butter.
Fish Cream Saute (550G)
Ingredients: Butter, Milk, Salmon

Porgy Carpaccio (280G)
Ingredients: Sea-bream, Olive Oil.

Broiled Broach (70G)
Ingredients: Broach (type of a fish)

Broiled Catfish (110G)
Ingredients: Catfish

Grilled Horse Mackerel (300G)
Ingredients: Mackerel, Mushroom.

Broiled Squid (90G)
Ingredients: Squid.

Rainbow Trout Kebab (290G)
Ingredients: Rainbow Trout, Miso.

Teriyaki Amberjack (120G)
Ingredients: Amberjack.

Fried Lobster (230G)
Ingredients: Lobster, Butter.

Sauteed Clam (240G)
Ingredients: Clam, butter.

Fish Meuniere (350G)
Ingredients: Fish (any type), Butter, breadfruit.

Flounder Meuniere (370G)
Ingredients: Flounder, Breadfruit, Butter.

Tuna Carpaccio (260G)
Ingredients: Tuna, Olive Oil.

Tuna Steak (200G)
Ingredients: Tuna.

Stewed Rockfish (60G)
Ingredients: Rockfish(Red/Black)
Broiled Fish (120G)
Ingredients: Fish (any type)

4.3. Oven                                                    [C-R-Oven]

Cookies (220G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Butter, Egg.

Orange Cookies (270G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Egg, Orange.

Herb Cookie (200G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Egg, Herb.

Cake (240G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk(any size), Egg
Carrot Cake (370G)
Ingredients: Carrot, Breadfruit, Milk(any size)

Strawberry Shortcake (340G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk(any size), Strawberry.
Cheesecake (340G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk(any size), Cheese.
🅾 کپی بدون ذکر دقیق اسم کانال و سایت حرام است🅾

Honey Cake (400G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Egg, Honey.

Fruitcake (320G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk (any size), Berry(any type)

Pumpkin Cake (330G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Milk(any size), Pumpkin.

Special cheesecake (400G)
Ingredients: Special cheese, Milk(any size), Breadfruit.
Muffin (180G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Very Berry, any fruits (apple/orange/grape)

Mont Blanc (350G)
Ingredients: Breadruit, Milk(any size), Chestnut.

Onion Bread (260G)
Ingredients: Onion, Breadfruit.

Herb Bread (120G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Herb.

Walnut Bread (210G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Walnut.

Butter Roll/ Bread Roll (170G)
Ingredients: Breadfruit, Butter.

Pudding (250G)
Ingredients: Egg, Milk(any size).

Fruit Pudding (280G)
Ingredients: Egg, Milk(any size), Berry (any berry).
Pumpkin Pudding (240G)
Ingredients: Egg, Milk(any size), Pumpkin.

Cornflakes (190G)
Ingredients: Corn, Milk(any size).

Cheese Potato (410G)
Ingredients: Cheese, Potato.

Pizza (520G)
Ingredients: Cheese, Tomato, Breadfruit.

Mushroom Gratin (440G)
Ingredients: Mushroom(any type), Milk(any size), Cheese.

Potato Gratin (460G)
Ingredients: Potato, Milk(any size), Cheese

Seafood Gratin (450G)
Ingredients: Milk(any size), Cheese(any type), Seafood.

Corn Bread (180G)
Ingredients: Corn, Breadfruit.

Ingredients: Rice, Milk(any size), Cheese.
Mushroom Doria (440G)
Ingredients: Mushroom(any type), Milk(any size), Rice.

Roasted Lobster (480G)
Ingredients: Lobster, Butter, Olive Oil.

Herb Grilled Fish and Mushrooms (320G)
Ingredients: Fish(Any type), Mushroom(any type), Herb.

Mediteranian Fish and Tomato (350G)
Ingredients: Olive Oil, Tomato, and Fish (salmon/flounder).

Roasted Fish (fish fry) (300G)
Ingredients: Salmon, Olive Oil, Breadfruit.

Foil Grilled Fish (130G)
Ingredients: Trout, Salmon, and one other fish.

Herb Grilled Fish (280G)
Ingredients: Rainbow Trout, Salmon, Herb.

Broiled Clam (60G)
Ingredients: Clam.

4.4. Mixer                                                   [C-R-Mixer]
Apple Juice (120G)
Ingredients:Apple x3

Orange Juice (140G)
Ingredients: Orangex3

Grape Juice (170G)
Ingredients:Grape x3

Tomato Juice (120G)
Ingredients: Tomatox3

Mix Juice (130G)
Ingredients:Apple, Orange, Grape
Vegetable Juice (180G)
Ingredients:Potatoes, tomatoes, carrot

Strawberry Milk (100G)
Ingredients:Strawberry, Milk

Butter (450G)
Ingredients: Milk Sx3 or MIlk Mx2, or Milk Lx1

Ainame Miso (360 G)
Ingredients:Ainame Miso

*Mince Fish (210G)
Ingredients: Sardine(?) and Spinach
*Heaven wrapped dolphin ? (250G)
Ingredients:Dolphin fish (?), herb
🅾 کپی بدون ذکر دقیق اسم کانال و سایت حرام است🅾

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